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RapidLink MeshCore

RapidLink MeshCore lives up to its name by providing a solid core foundation for your wireless mesh network. 

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RapidLink MeshCore is a rugged mobile wireless transmitter-receiver that instantly forms wireless mesh networks. The product enables data, voice, and video applications while flexibly providing radio options that meet your design application. With ethernet connectivity and plug-and-play interoperability, RapidLink MeshCore is the ideal launching point for developers looking to embed wireless mesh networking capabilities within their products.

High Performance Throughput

RapidLink MeshCore offers true high performance communication with 54 Mbps throughput. Communication paths are plug-and-play easy. Just place your RapidLink MeshCore within range of a RapidLink node or compatible mesh device to deploy your network--instantly. RapidLink MeshCore nodes automatically detect and connect with peers to create interoperable self-forming, self-healing networks.

Mobility Enhancing Capabilities

Have an application that runs on robots, cell phones, or other mobile products? RapidLink uses a sophisticated Layer 3 routing protocol to speed the set up and tear down of communications between these fluid devices. Compatible with products that conform to the IETF open-standard OLSR routing protocol, RapidLink lets you select the apparatuses and switches that you choose to connect your network.

Portable Where You Need It

RapidLink MeshCore nodes are about the size of a small brick. Ideal for mounting on vehicle dashboards or slipping into a briefcase, they keep "road warriors" out of the office, on the road, and going wherever business takes them within the network. Designed for military use, RapidLink MeshCore nodes can be encased in a tough, shock-resistant and weatherproof enclosure that keep the network up regardless of outdoor conditions.