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Military & Government:

RapidLink offers a secure, mobile, easily deployed, wireless system that is ideal for difficult, critical or ad hoc applications such as first-response disaster and rescue missions, homeland security, law enforcement, mobile field offices, fleet and convoy communications, and facility surveillance networks.                                             

First Response and Public Safety

Fire companies have converged to contain and combat wildfires flamed by Santa Ana winds in California’s San Bernardino Mountains. The mobile responder units need instant, reliable communication to connect team members, mobile command vehicles, and remote response units and provide real-time data about the fire.  RapidLink technology provides connectivity critical for this mission’s success linking unit leaders and individual firefighters through lightweight portable nodes integrated into PDA’s or field devices.  When responder teams move out of direct connection range from the mobile command vehicles, they drop-place battery powered RapidLink relaying nodes to maintain connectivity from afar.  As more companies arrive on the scene, RapidLink’s vehicle-mounted nodes automatically authenticate and integrate them into the network.  The network connects to remote command centers through vehicle-mounted gateways using satellite link or 3G wireless cellular.

Physical Security, Surveillance and Access Control

A large facility augments physical security by deploying intrusion sensors, RFID readers, and remotely operated cameras.  The facility’s vast size and intolerance for disruption make hard-wired devices unfeasible.  RapidLink’s instant indestructible networking is deployed readily and at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardwired cabled infrastructure.  The system is based on a scalable secure wireless system, so units can be repositioned or additional units added with ease.  RapidLink systems are self-configuring and self-healing so they can be instantly deployed and remotely monitored and maintained.  RapidLink does not have a pre-defined box but can be configured, modified or expanded on an ad hoc basis. RapidLink products provide secure data transmittal and are highly resistant to failure.

Border Security

State and local agencies must collaborate to protect borders, interdict smuggling operations, and keep citizens safe in vulnerable areas. RapidLink mesh networking technology enables agencies to come together quickly on an ad hoc basis and work cooperatively to set up preventative measures and establish security and safety. The distributed and redundant nature of peer-to-peer mesh architecture eliminates single points of failure in the system.  The RapidLink network continuously monitors for changing network topology and disruptions, and seamlessly determines the optimal wireless pathways for data.

Military Applications and Temporary Bases

A reconnaissance squad is tasked with establishing a forward base of operations in a remote village high in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. RapidLink provides instant networking without wired infrastructure by using RapidLink standards-based wireless mobile mesh networking technology. With conventional wired or wireless networks, every data station must be directly connected to the wired network infrastructure or else must be in direct receiving range of a wireless access point, which is directly wired.  The RapidLink network, by contrast, provides completely untethered connectivity.  Secure video, voice or data transmission, flexible, maneuverable system, easily deployable, lightweight and sturdy in this inhospitable terrain. Real-time intelligence, ability to see the enemy’s movements, know his locations and bring fire power to bear to capture insurgents and counteract their ability to terrorize.


Managing traffic flow and preventing gridlock is a major issue for transportation planners, metropolitan police and public safety experts. RapidLink provides wireless connectivity that transmits roadway video, voice and data information to fixed fiber optic and wired backbones providing real-time intelligence to drivers, public safety officials and transportation decision makers. The architecture supports fixed, fixed-mobile, or totally mobile setups. RapidLink station nodes mounted on vehicles connect each vehicle in an IP network while automatically connecting the vehicle network to ground-based RapidLink networks as they enter the range.  

Convoy Security

US military has suffered untold casualties due to the vulnerability of vehicles traveling in convoys through hostile zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Often the vehicles are virtually incommunicado with no means of seeing, tracking or communicating with other vehicles or their command center. Drivers cannot see the exterior of their own vehicles or others in the convoy, nor can they see or anticipate the landscape surrounding them.  RapidLink is a low cost portable situational awareness solution that provides convoy members voice over IP communications and 360-degree visibility.