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Concentris Brings You Accelerated Development Pathways for Products with RapidLink Embedded Wireless Mesh Networking

Let the RapidLink family of wireless mesh networking products take your business where you want it to go.

Unprecedentedly easy to use, RapidLink can deploy self-organizing, self-healing mesh networks without costly site surveys or wiring installations. Powered by intelligence that is hardened into the nodes themselves and enriched by robust network management software, RapidLink is the high performance alternative of choice for wireless mesh network technology.

We Want to Help You Make Your Products Better.

RapidLink products provide forward-thinking system developers and OEMs with everything they need to build products that form intelligent, decentralized, wireless mesh networks. Built from the ground up with industrial-strength reliability, fluid mobility, and as-you-go portability, RapidLink simplifies the rapid development and deployment of embedded wireless networks by speeding development cycles and shortening time to market.

MakaMesh Standard Development Pathway

By following the RapidLink development pathway, Concentris makes it easy to develop RapidLink-enabled products. This straightforward structure supplies an integrated solution that includes network nodes, RapidLink network software, and the tools required to develop and monitor RapidLink networks.

We Work With You

Some customers take advantage of RapidLink's expertise in embedded wireless mesh networking technology and work with us directly throughout the design-in process. Others have in-house resources and either take our developer tools to manage the process themselves or work with one of our partners to complete their product. Either way, there's support available to help you through your product development effort.