Military & Government
  Commercial Networks

Commercial Networks:

RapidLink offers a secure, mobile, easily deployed, wireless system that is ideal for difficult, critical or ad hoc applications such as first-response disaster and rescue missions, homeland security, law enforcement, mobile field offices, fleet and convoy communications, and facility surveillance networks.                                             

Sports and Entertainment Venues

Protecting stadiums, arenas, theme parks, public attractions, and other sites where large numbers of people congregate presents a huge challenge.   Public officials and private sector managers recognize the need to work in partnership in order to bring both preventative and responsive measures to protect these soft targets. RapidLink’s mesh network communication systems allow fixed or deployable wireless broadband, provide streaming video, audio and data simultaneously to facility operations staff and incident commanders using mobile devices.  The same information can be sent to local command posts or remote emergency operations centers (EOCs) to achieve coordinated situational awareness to direct preventative measures and response.

Conferences and Festivals

Conference planners, musicians and entertainers rely on roadies to transport and string miles of cable, install access points, and set up cumbersome networking equipment to support their performances and provide security, crowd control and situational awareness. RapidLink ’s mobile mesh technology used in a fixed or embrace-and-extend mode alleviates the need to set up and tear down a temporary network. RapidLink’s interoperability enables the network to interface with virtually any communication systems. The flexibility to customize the network ensures that every video, audio, and data communications link meets customers’ expectations.

Mining, Marinas, Ports, Airports

Extensive acreage, changing topography, and continuous movement of people, vehicles, and equipment are challenges that hinder fixed radio signal devices and create radio signal black spots in these venues.   It is often impractical or cost prohibitive to install cabling necessary to ensure video and data coverage for such large installations.  In some cases (coal mines, for example), it is impossible to lay cable or install fixed radio towers. RapidLink’s easily deployed, flexible, low cost wireless broadband solution provides streaming video, audio and data simultaneously to facilitate staff operations using rugged mobile devices.

Field Offices and Field Research

A field office can use RapidLink mobile mesh system to provide LAN and wireless networking for field agents. Fixed servers and computers connect wirelessly into the network using RapidLink 100 fixed station nodes.   RapidLink tunnels traffic securely across the mesh using SSL, AES of Triple DES encryption, enabling field agents to communicate securely using end station modules connected to PDAs or laptop computers, or utilize VPN over a Wi-Fi network created through the RapidLink 100-AP system. RapidLink offers is an ideal, low-cost solution for engineers, insurance investigators, archeologists, EMTs, crime site investigators and other field agents, researchers or investigators who need to transmit confidential, critical or time sensitive data from a remote site.

Warehouse and Inventory Control

Retailers such as Wal-Mart have proven the value of just-in-time inventory control methods. RapidLink mesh technology provides the ultimate in mobility for wi-fi enabled hand scanners, RFID readers and other inventory control technologies. RapidLink networks work where other network technologies fail, such as in the constantly changing physical environment of a warehouse or the interference-rich environment of a big-box retail floor. A RapidLink network can be set up in minutes to provide inventory control support in areas where there is no infrastructure in place, such as a store parking lot, job site or a supplier's warehouse, letting you bring your network to where the inventory is, instead of vice versa.


Starbucks and its patrons have validated that Hotspots are a useful, secure, low-cost solution to rapidly and conveniently access information while away from your place of work.   Concentris RapidLink, used in a fixed or embrace-and-extend mode is the next generation Hotspot solution. It can even provide revenue to the facility owners as they rent the network out to their customers. The RapidLink network enables IT managers to make day to day changes and adjustments to the hotspots without loss of information access to their employees.  Greater information access will only lead to improved work efficiency, advancements in innovation and improved safety and security for homeland security.